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What Parents want to know

Will my son receive quality coaching?
The name of the game in the USHL is development and to do so, USHL teams have a collection of the finest coaches that rival any sport in the world.  These coaches are winners that have played and coached at some of the highest levels of hockey.  Most of all, they care about their players and want to help them achieve their goals.

What kind of training will my son have?
In addition to on-ice practices and games, players routinely participate in rigorous off-ice workouts to enhance their strength, speed, agility, and fitness levels.  These training programs – created by top-notch trainers and strength coaches – mirror those used by NHL teams and NCAA hockey programs.  Training extends to educating and developing the proper nutrition for an elite athlete.

What sort of medical care is available?
Each USHL team has a full-time athletic trainer to care for any injuries that occur in practices or games.  Clubs also rely on doctors to provide medical care and physical examinations to ensure the health of USHL players.

Will my son have a good home environment?
USHL teams take great care in finding those special people within the community to welcome players into their homes for the hockey season.  Players are coming from around the country and the globe, so a positive living arrangement in a new home is vital to the transition into the USHL.  These billet families become the “second family” for USHL players and develop relationships that many times will last a lifetime.  Players have their own living space, are provided meals, and given the support system to help them focus on their hockey and academic pursuits.

Will my son be seen by scouts?
The USHL provides a level of exposure for these gifted hockey players that they have not seen until this point in their careers.  Every single USHL game has NHL and NCAA scouts in attendance, and USHL coaching staffs help facilitate the communication between scouts and players.  Each year, USHL players are drafted in the NHL and earn college scholarships because of the exposure they received by playing in the League.

What costs are there to play in the USHL?
For most players, the USHL is the first time in their lives that it will cost them absolutely nothing to play hockey.  Players are outfitted head to toe in some of the best equipment on the market and their housing is provided by the team.  The only expense would be any sort of personal spending money a player may want.

What does a player do in his free time?
The life of a USHL player follows a pretty full schedule.  In addition to hockey, USHL teams have “school or work” policy.  If a player has completed his high school education and not taking college courses, he is required to have some sort of part-time job.  USHL teams work with the players to find them opportunities for part-time work.  Between school, work, practice, training, and games, the demands on a player’s schedule is pretty high.  But these young athletes are still afforded the time spend time with their teammates and new friends away from the rink to help promote their social development as people.  Community involvement is also very important to USHL teams, so players regularly participate in activities and events to give back to the local community.

How does my son make a USHL team?
There are multiple ways a player is selected to compete for a USHL team.  Each season, the League conducts a pair of drafts – the USHL Futures Draft and USHL Entry Draft.  The 2012 Futures Draft will consist of six rounds selecting players in the 1996 birth year age group.  The Entry Draft is not limited to a specific age group and consists of the multiple rounds to fill a USHL team’s protected list.  Players can also earn opportunities with USHL clubs through tryout camps held each summer.  Regardless of being drafted, all players will have to earn their roster spots during training camps prior to the start of the USHL regular season.