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Important Dates

2016-17 Hockey Operations Calendar


July 9th – All teams must submit their 30 man protected list and affiliate list

September 1st – First day IR can be utilized

September 19th – All teams must make necessary drops to get to their 23 man protected list (11:59 PM Central)

September 20th – Roster adds (not including trades) do not count towards annual roster moves limit

September 21st – All roster moves begin to count towards annual roster moves limit

September 22nd – All American Prospects Game in Philadelphia, PA

September 23rd – USHL Regular Season begins

November 1st – USA Hockey Youth/Junior Player List document is due

December 31st – Last day to add free agent non-affiliate players playing HS hockey or midget hockey

January 10th – Final day to add or trade for a Canadian who is not playing within USA Hockey

January 10th – USHL Prospects Game in Sioux Falls, SD

January 15th – Final day to add, drop, or trade an import

January 30th – Final day for IIHF to process a transfer

February 6th – USA Hockey Trade and Drop Deadline

February 10th – Final day to add player from affiliate list to roster

February 15th – Four (4) affiliate players may begin to play an unlimited number of games

February 27th – USHL Trade Deadline (6:00 PM Central)

March 1st – No affiliate list players are eligible to play until their season has been completed

April 8th – End of USHL Regular Season

May 1st – USHL Phase I Draft

May 2nd – USHL Phase II Draft

May 24th – Last possible day for Clark Cup Final