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2019 NHL Draft Hub

06/17/2019, 11:02am CDT

Complete Coverage of the 2019 NHL Draft in Vancouver, BC.

2019 NHL Draft RESULTS


Round 1

Jack Hughes (1st overall - New Jersey Devils) 

Alex Turcotte (5th overall - Los Angeles Kings) 

Trevor Zegras (9th overall - Anaheim Ducks)

Matthew Boldy (12th overall - Minnesota Wild)

Spencer Knight (13th overall - Florida Panthers)

Cameron York (14th overall - Philadelphia Flyers)

Cole Caufield (15th overall - Montreal Canadiens)

John Beecher (30th overall - Boston Bruins)

Ryan Johnson (31st overall - Buffalo Sabres) 

Round 2

Shane Pinto (32nd overall - Ottawa Senators)

Bobby Brink (34th overall - Philadelphia Flyers) 

Jackson LaCombe (39th overall - Anaheim Ducks)

Vladislav Firstov (42nd overall - Minnesota Wild)

Alex Vlasic (43rd overall - Chicago Blackhawks) 

Egor Afanasyev (45th overall - Nashville Predators) 

Drew Helleson (47th overall - Colorado Avalanche)

Robert Mastrosimone (54th overall - Detroit Red Wings)

Round 3

Matthew Steinberg (63rd overall - Colorado Avalanche)

Zac Jones (68th overall - New York Rangers) 

Ronnie Attard (72nd overall - Philadelphia Flyers) 

John Farinacci (76th overall - Arizona Coyotes)

Michael Vukojevic * (82nd overall - New Jersey Devils)

Dominick Fensore (90th overall - Carolina Hurricanes)

Round 4

Tyce Thompson * (96th overall - New Jersey Devils) 

Ethan Phillips (97th overall - Detroit Red Wings) 

Matias Maccelli (98th overall - Arizona Coyotes)

Matej Blümel (100th overall - Edmonton Oilers)

Henry Thrun (101st overall - Anaheim Ducks) 

Aaron Huglen (102nd overall - Buffalo Sabres)

Marc Del Gaizo * (109th overall - Nashville Predators)

Ryder Donovan (110th overall - Vegas Golden Knights)

Hunter Skinner (112th overall - New York Rangers)

Case McCarthy (118th overall - New Jersey Devils) 

Max Crozier (120th overall - Tampa Bay Lightning) 

Nick Abruzzese (124th overall - Toronto Maple Leafs)

Round 5

Rhett Pitlick (131st overall - Montreal Canadiens)

Trevor Janicke (132nd overall - Anaheim Ducks)

Isaiah Saville (135th overall - Vegas Golden Knights) 

Owen Lindmark (137th overall - Florida Panthers) 

Marcus Kallionkieli (139th overall - Vegas Golden Knights)

Judd Caulfield (145th overall - Pittsburgh Penguins)

Mike Koster (146th overall - Toronto Maple Leafs)

Josh Nodler (150th overall - Calgary Flames)

Round 6

Braden Doyle (157th overall - Los Angeles Kings)

Patrick Moynihan (158th overall - New Jersey Devils)

Will Francis (163rd overall - Anaheim Ducks)

Marshall Warren (166th overall - Minnesota Wild)

Anthony Romano (176th overall - Arizona Coyotes)

Jack Malone (180th - Vancouver Canucks)

Round 7

Andre Lee (188th overall - Los Angeles Kings) 

Jake Schmaltz (192nd overall - Boston Bruins)

Aiden McDonough (195th overall - Vancouver Canucks)

Bryce Brodzinski (196th overall - Philadelphia Flyers)

McKade Webster (213th overall - Tampa Bay Lightning)


* selected as a USHL alumni 

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