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Omaha Lancers Named First Annual Off-Ice Official Crew of the Year Award

04/21/2020, 12:45pm CDT
By Omaha Lancers

Omaha Voted Best Off-Ice Official Crew By Other USHL Teams

RALSTON, NE - The United States Hockey League (USHL) announced the recipients of the Off-Ice Official Crew of the Year Award. After a vote from USHL Member Clubs, the Omaha Lancers Off-Ice Staff was named to this years honor. 

An often under-recognized piece of the Omaha Lancers organization is the Off-Ice officials. This group of volunteers represents the USHL on behalf of the team. They play a critical role in keeping track of statistical information for every USHL game such as statistics including plus/minus, shots on goal as well as goals and assists.

Extra duties in the Lancers Off-Ice officials crew include inputting statistical information into HockeyTech, the official scoring software of the USHL so that live scoring is updated online so fans can keep track of what’s going on at every USHL game in real-time.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the USHL for the effort that we put forth every night, not just us but all of the Off-ice Officials throughout the USHL” Director of Off-Ice Officials Stan Eckart said. “Omaha has a great crew that has been together for many years.” 

 The Lancers Off-Ice Staff consists of the following members: Stan Eckart, Steve Edloff, Jim Elbling, Erik Johnson, Brian Maher, Ron Meggs, Mark Pane, Marc Peterson, Jay Schubert, JJ Schubert, Clyde Schulte, Andy Schulte, Stephanie Schulte, Troy Townsend, and Peter Trout. 

“Game in and game out, our Off-Ice Officials do a tremendous job with the details and complexity of what happens in every single USHL game with ease,” Head Coach David Wilkie said. “They are a veteran crew that has been at this a long time, and it is terrific to see them be recognized for their hard work and dedication. We are extremely happy for them to receive this honor.” 

Duties of the Off-Ice Officials include the following:

Goal judges are another position covered by Lancers officials crew.  Goal judges focus on the goal line in both the home and visiting goals at all times.  If the puck crosses totally over the goal line, the goal judge turns the red goal light on to indicate a goal.

Penalty boxes at Ralston Arena are also worked by the Lancers Off-Ice officials.  Penalty box attendants are responsible for keeping track of the players in the penalty box.  They open and close the door as players enter and leave the penalty box.

The game clock operator is another vital position. This position entails keeping a ready finger on the button that turns the game clock on and off. It’s also the time keeper’s job to enter all penalties and direct the penalty box attendants in the event that there are more penalties taking place than the scoreboard can show. Shots on goal from each team are also entered by the Lancers game clock operator.

 “The gratitude that we receive from all of the USHL coaches and on-ice officials, along with this award, is greatly appreciated,” Eckart said. 

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