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2020 NHL Draft Hub

09/22/2020, 3:45pm CDT

The USHL heads into the 2020 NHL Draft with more than 100 players featured by NHL Central Scouting throughout the season and 82 in the Final Rankings. At the 2019 NHL Draft, the USHL had a league-record 52 active players selected, including first overall pick Jack Hughes (New Jersey Devils). Two Drafts ago, the USHL had its best single-Draft total of 57 players selected. The USHL has produced 45-or-more Draft picks in each of the last six Drafts, including three Drafts with 50-plus players selected. 

Dating back to the 1981 NHL Draft, the USHL has seen 831 of its former players taken in the NHL Draft. To see all the USHL Draft picks, view the NHL Draft page HERE.

The chart below features all of the USHL skaters and goaltenders featured by NHL Central Scouting on the Final Rankings. 

* = league alumnus
LV (ranking) = limited viewing

Name NHLCS Ranking NCAA Commitment USHL Team (Former Team(s))
Jake Sanderson 4 University of North Dakota USA Hockey NTDP
Brendan Brisson 20 University of Michigan Chicago Steel (Green Bay Gamblers)
Ty Smilanic 24 Quinnipiac University USA Hockey NTDP
Thomas Bordeleau 29 University of MIchigan USA Hockey NTDP
Sam Colangelo 31 Northeastern University Chicago Steel
Yan Kuznetsov * 36 University of Connecticut (current) Sioux Falls Stampede
Luke Tuch 40 Boston University USA Hockey NTDP
Danil Gushchin 41 - Muskegon Lumberjacks
Tyler Kleven 42 University of North Dakota USA Hockey NTDP
Dylan Peterson 43 Boston University USA Hockey NTDP
Brock Faber 44 University of Minnesota USA Hockey NTDP
Brett Berard 45 Providence College USA Hockey NTDP
Mitch Miller 49 University of North Dakota Tri-City Storm (Cedar Rapids RoughRiders)
Eamon Powell 51 Boston College USA Hockey NTDP
Alex Laferriere 61 Harvard University Des Moines Buccaneers
Sean Farrell 62 Harvard University Chicago Steel (USA Hockey NTDP)
Blake Biondi 64 University of Minnesota Duluth Sioux Falls Stampede (Sioux City Musketeers, USA Hockey NTDP)
Tanner Dickinson * 67 - Green Bay Gamblers
Jacob Truscott 68 University of Michigan USA Hockey NTDP
Colby Ambrosio 71 Boston College Tri-City Storm
Luke Reid 83 University of New Hampshire Chicago Steel
Ruben Rafkin * 84 - Tri-City Storm
Landon Slaggert 88 University of Notre Dame USA Hockey NTDP
Wyatt Schingoethe 91 University of Denver Waterloo Black Hawks
Chase Yoder 92 Providence College USA Hockey NTDP
Artem Shlaine 93 University of Connecticut Muskegon Lumberjacks
Jackson Kunz 94 University of North Dakota Green Bay Gamblers
Riley Duran * 95 Providence College Youngstown Phantoms
Alex Jefferies * 97 Merrimack University Dubuque Fighting Saints
Ryder Rolston 102 University of Notre Dame Waterloo Black Hawks (USA Hockey NTDP)
Carson Bantle 104 Michigan Tech University Madison Capitols
Ryan McGuire 105 Colgate University Madison Capitols
Ilya Usau * 108 - Central Illinois Flying Aces
Sam Stange 110 University of Wisconsin Sioux Falls Stampede (Sioux City Musketeers)
Jake Boltmann 113 University of Minnesota Lincoln Stars (Central Illinois Flying Aces)
Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm * 116 - Tri-City Storm
Nathan Schweitzer 117 Colorado College Sioux Falls Stampede
Stephen Halliday 123 University of North Dakota Dubuque Fighting Saints (Central Illinois Flying Aces
Aidan Thompson * 124 University of Denver Lincoln Stars
Kristof Papp 125 Michigan State University Des Moines Buccaneers (Madison Capitols)
Nick Capone 126 University of Connecticut Tri-City Storm (Central Illinois Flying Aces)
David Ma 128 Princeton University Chicago Steel
Mason Lohrei 132 Ohio State University Green Bay Gamblers
Danny Weight * 142 Boston College USA Hockey NTDP
Trevor Kuntar 143 Boston College Youngstown Phantoms
Zachary Urdahl 144 University of Wisconsin Lincoln Stars
Joel Maatta 146 - Sioux City Musketeers
Grant Slukynsky 152 Northern Michigan University Fargo Force
Declan McDonnell * 155 - Lincoln Stars
Evan Bushy 156 St. Cloud State University Sioux City Musketeers (Sioux Falls Stampede)
Daniel Laatsch 157 University of Wisconsin USA Hockey NTDP
Kyle Aucoin 158 Harvard University Tri-City Storm
Ben Schoen 159 Penn State University Youngstown Phantoms
Declan Carlile * 162 Merrimack College (current) Muskegon Lumberjacks (Lincoln Stars)
Joe Miller 180 University of Minnesota Chicago Steel
Timothy Lovell 182 Boston College Des Moines Buccaneers (Chicago Steel)
Christian Jimenez 184 Harvard University Sioux City Musketeers
Cameron Berg 185 University of Nebraska-Omaha Muskegon Lumberjacks (Omaha Lancers)
Kienan Draper * 186 Miami University USA Hockey NTDP
Matthew Gleason 189 Colorado College Chicago Steel
Zakary Karpa 199 Princeton University USA Hockey NTDP
Austen Swankler * 200 - Sioux Falls Stampede (Waterloo Black Hawks)
Zachary Michaelis * 203 University of Nebraska-Omaha Waterloo Black Hawks
Hank Kempf 204 Cornell University Muskegon Lumberjacks
Hunter McKown 206 Colorado College USA Hockey NTDP
Gunnarwolfe Fontaine 211 Northeastern University Chicago Steel
Carl Berglund * 212 University of Massachusetts-Lowell (current) Sioux Falls Stampede
Chase Bradley 214 Northeastern University Sioux City Musketeers (Omaha Lancers)
Noah Ellis 215 University of Massachusetts Des Moines Buccaneers
Ben Meehan LV University of Massachusetts-Lowell Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
Michael Gildon * LV Ohio State University (current) USA Hockey NTDP
Drew Commesso Goalie - 2 Boston University USA Hockey NTDP
Samuel Hlavaj * Goalie - 3 - Lincoln Stars
Noah Grannan Goalie - 15 University of Wisconsin USA Hockey NTDP
Colin Purcell Goalie - 17 University of Massachusetts Youngstown Phantoms
Jakub Dobes Goalie - 20 Ohio State University Omaha Lancers
Grant Riley * Goalie - 21 Boston College Madison Capitols
Gabriel Carriere Goalie - 23 University of Vermont Waterloo Black Hawks
Cameron Rowe Goalie - 25 University of Wisconsin Des Moines Buccaneers (USA Hockey NTDP)
Victor Ostman Goalie - 27 University of Maine Chicago Steel
Aidan Campbell * Goalie - 28 - USA Hockey NTDP

Cedar Rapids RoughRiders

Chicago Steel

Brendan Brisson (F) - VGK (1-29)
Sam Colangelo (F) - SJS (2-36)
Sean Farrell (F) - MTL (4-124)
Gunnarwolfe Fontaine (F)
Matthew Gleason (F)
David Ma (D)
Victor Ostman (G)
Luke Reid (D) - NSH (6-166)

Timothy Lovell (D) *
Joe Miller (F) * (6-180)

Des Moines Buccaneers

Noah Ellis (D) - VGK (6-184)
Alex Laferriere (F) - LAK (3-83)
Timothy Lovell (D)
Lucas Mercuri (F) - CAR (6-159)
Kristof Papp (F)
Cameron Rowe (G)

Dubuque Fighting Saints

Wyatt Kaiser (D) - CHI (3-81)
Stephen Halliday (F)

Alex Jefferies (F) * - NYI (4-121)

Fargo Force

Noah Beck (D) - STL (7 - 194)
Grant Slukynsky (F)

Green Bay Gamblers

Jackson Kunz (F) - VAN (4-113)
Mason Lohrei (D)

Brendan Brisson (F) *
Tanner Dickinson (F) * - STL (4-113)

Lincoln Stars

Madison Capitols

Carson Bantle (F)
Ryan McGuire (F)

Kristof Papp (F) *
Grant Riley (G) *

Muskegon Lumberjacks

Cameron Berg (F)
Danil Gushchin (F) - SJS (3-76)
Hank Kempf (D)
Artem Shlaine (F)

Declan Carlile (D) *
Kienan Draper (F) * - DET (7-187)

Omaha Lancers

Sioux City Musketeers

Evan Bushy (D)
Christian Jimenez (D)
Joel Maatta (F)

Blake Biondi (F) *
Sam Stange (F) *

Sioux Falls Stampede

Blake Biondi (F) - MTL (4-109)
Nate Schweitzer (D)
Sam Stange (F) - DET (4-97)

Carl Berglund (F) *
Evan Bushy (D) *
Yan Kuznetsov (D) * - CGY (2-50)
Austen Swankler (F) *

Tri-City Storm

Colby Ambrosio (F) - COL (4-118)
Kyle Aucoin (D) - DET (6-156)
Nick Capone (F) - TB (6-157)
Mitchell Miller (D) - ARI (4-111)

Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm (D) *
Ruben Rafkin (D) *

Waterloo Black Hawks

Youngstown Phantoms

Trevor Kuntar (F) - BOS (3-89)
Colin Purcell (G)
Ben Schoen (F)

Riley Duran (F) *


Brett Berard (F)
Thomas Bordeleau (F) - SJS (2-38)
Drew Commesso (G) - CHI (2-46)
Brock Faber (D) - LAK (2-45)
Noah Grannan (G)
Zakary Karpa (F)
Tyler Kleven (D) - OTT (2-44)
Daniel Laatsch (D)
Hunter McKown (F)
Dylan Peterson (F) - STL (3-86)
Eamon Powell (D) - TB (4-116)
Jake Sanderson (D) - OTT (1-5)
Landon Slaggert (F) - CHI (3-79)
Ty Smilanic (F) - FLA (3-74)
Jacob Truscott (D)
Luke Tuch (F) - MTL (2-47)
Chase Yoder (F) - PIT (6-170)

Aidan Campbell (G) *
Kienan Draper (F) *
Michael Gildon (F) *
Cameron Rowe (G) *
Danny Weight (F) *

Central Illinois Flying Aces

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