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2020 NHL Draft Results

10/06/2020, 1:45pm CDT

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Round 1 (2)

Jake Sanderson (Ottawa Senators - 5th overall)

Brendan Brisson (Vegas Golden Knights - 29th overall)

Round 2 (8)

Sam Colangelo (Anaheim Ducks - 36th overall)

Thomas Bordeleau (San Jose Sharks - 38th overall)

Tyler Kleven (Ottawa Senators - 44th overall)

Brock Faber (Los Angeles Kings - 45th overall)

Drew Commesso (Chicago Blackhawks - 46th overall)

Luke Tuch (Montreal Canadiens - 47th overall)

Yan Kuznetsov * (Calgary Flames - 50th overall)

Mason Lohrei (Boston Bruins - 58th overall)

Round 3 (8)

Ty Smilanic (Florida Panthers - 74th overall)

Danil Gushchin (San Jose Sharks - 76th overall)

Landon Slaggert (Chicago Blackhawks - 79th overall)

Jake Boltmann (Calgary Flames - 80th overall)

Wyatt Kaiser (Chicago Blackhawks - 81st overall)

Alex Laferriere (Los Angeles Kings - 83rd overall)

Dylan Peterson (St. Louis Blues - 86th overall)

Trevor Kuntar (Boston Bruins - 89th overall)

Round 4 (9)

Sam Stange (Detroit Red Wings - 97th overall)

Blake Biondi (Montreal Canadiens - 109th overall)

Mitchell Miller (Arizona Coyotes - 111th overall)

Jackson Kunz (Vancouver Canucks - 113th overall)

Eamon Powell (Tampa Bay Lightning - 116th overall)

Colby Ambrosio (Colorado Avalanche - 118th overall)

Tanner Dickinson * (St. Louis Blues - 119th overall)

Alex Jefferies * (New York Islanders - 121st overall)

Sean Farrell (Montreal Canadiens - 124th overall)

Round 5 (9)

Artem Shlaine (New Jersey Devils - 130th overall)

Brett Berard (New York Rangers - 134th overall)

Jakub Dobes (Montreal Canadiens - 136th overall)

Ryder Rolston (Colorado Avalanche - 139th overall)

Ben Meehan (Los Angeles Kings - 140th overall)

Carson Bantle (Arizona Coyotes - 142nd overall)

Jacob Truscott (Vancouver Canucks - 144th overall)

Ole Bjorgvik-Holm * (Columbus Blue Jackets - 145th overall)

Matt Kessel * (St. Louis Blues - 150th overall)

Round 6 (8)

Kyle Aucoin (Detroit Red Wings - 156th overall)

Nick Capone (Tampa Bay Lightning - 157th overall)

Lucas Mercuri (Carolina Hurricanes - 159th overall)

Luke Reid (Nashville Predators - 166th overall)

Chase Yoder (Pittsburgh Penguins - 170th overall)

Joe Miller * (Toronto Maple Leafs - 180th overall)

Riley Duran * (Boston Bruins - 182nd overall)

Noah Ellis (Vegas Golden Knights - 184th overall)

Round 7 (7)

Kienan Draper * (Detroit Red Wings - 187th overall)

Noah Beck (St. Louis Blues - 194th overall)

Wyatt Schingoethe (Toronto Maple Leafs - 195th overall)

Gunnarwolfe Fontaine (Nashville Predators - 202nd overall)

Chase Bradley (Detroit Red Wings - 203rd overall)

Chase McLane (Nashville Predators - 209th overall)

Declan McDonnell * (Tampa Bay - 217th overall)

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the 2020-21 season will be the USHL's 19th season as the nation's only Tier I junior hockey league. The USHL had 55 players selected at the 2019 NHL Draft and have 542 players eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft, including 84 on the NHL Central Scouting's Final Rankings issued in April. More than 800 league alumni are currently on NCAA Division I rosters, further establishing the USHL as the world’s foremost producer of junior hockey talent.

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