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USHL Puts 79 on NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings

05/05/2022, 3:00pm CDT

NHL Draft Set for July 7 & 8 in Montreal

NHL Central Scouting (NHLCS) announced Thursday its Final Rankings ahead of the 2022 NHL Draft. The annual list identifies players with numerical rankings broken down into North American Skaters, North American Goaltenders, International Skaters and International Goaltenders. 

The United States Hockey League (USHL) saw 79 of its players, past and present, featured on the Final Rankings. In each of the last four NHL Drafts, the USHL has had 50-or-more of its players selected, including the first and second overall picks at the 2021 NHL Draft. 

"The United States Hockey League is again well represented in the 2022 NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings prior to the July NHL Draft with 79 players from the past and present listed in the rankings," said President and Commission Bill Robertson. "Our league has done a wonderful job of developing players and preparing them for the next steps in their careers. We are excited to watch and see these players perform in the future."

Thirteen players were ranked in the top-30 among North American Skaters, led by Logan Cooley (Forward, USA Hockey NTDP), Cutter Gauthier (Forward, NTDP), Matt Savoie (Forward, Dubuque Fighting Saints) and Isaac Howard (Forward, NTDP) who were ranked 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th, respectively. 

Fifteen players who were not named to the Updated Rankings from NHLCS made their way onto the Final Rankings, led by Cameron O'Neill (Forward, Tri-City Storm) and Marian Mosko (Defenseman, Lincoln Stars) who were ranked 77th and 89th, respectively among North American Skaters. 

The USHL also saw eight netminders named to the NHLCS North American Goaltenders list, led by NTDP goaltenders Dylan Silverstein and Tyler Muszelik who were ranked 3rd and 4th, respectively. Lincoln's Cameron Whitehead and Waterloo Black Hawks netminder Emmett Croteau were also in the top-10, ranked 7th and 10th, respectively. 

North American Skaters

Name Position USHL Team(s) & Season(s) Current Team (League) NHLCS Final Ranking NCAA Commitment
Logan Cooley Forward NTDP (2020-22) 2 University of Notre Dame
Cutter Gauthier Forward NTDP (2020-22) 3 Boston College
Matt Savoie * Forward Dubuque (2020-21) Winnipeg (WHL) 4
Isaac Howard Forward NTDP (2020-22) 9 University of Minnesota Duluth
Jimmy Snuggerud Forward NTDP (2020-22) 11 University of Minnesota
Ryan Chesley Defenseman NTDP (2020-22) 18 University of Minnesota
Sam Rinzel Defenseman Waterloo (2021-22) 19 University of Minnesota
Frank Nazar Forward NTDP (2020-22) 21 University of Michigan
Rutger McGroarty Forward NTDP (2020-22) 22 University of Michigan
Lane Hutson Defenseman NTDP (2020-22) 25 Boston University
Jack Hughes * Forward NTDP (2019-21) Northeastern University (NCAA) 26
Adam Ingram Forward Youngstown (2021-22) 27 St. Cloud State University
Seamus Casey Defenseman NTDP (2020-22) 29 University of Michigan
Quinn Finley Forward Madison (2021-22), Chicago (2020-21) 36 University of Wisconsin
Dylan James Forward Sioux City (2021-22) 37 University of North Dakota
Nicholas Moldenhauer Forward Chicago (2020-22) 39
Cameron Lund Forward Green Bay (2020-22) 40 Northeastern University
Cruz Lucius Forward NTDP (2020-22) 41 University of Minnesota
Ryan Greene Forward Green Bay (2019-22) 46 Boston University
Jake Livanavage Defenseman Chicago (2020-22), NTDP (2020-21) 54 University of North Dakota
David Gucciardi * Defenseman Waterloo (2020-21), Youngstown (2020-21), Sioux City (2019-20), Muskegon (2019-20) Michigan State University (NCAA) 57
Devin Kaplan Forward NTDP (2020-22) 61 Boston University
Alex Bump Forward Omaha (2021-22) 63 University of Vermont
Zam Plante Forward Chicago (2021-22) 64 University of Minnesota Duluth
Jack Devine * Forward NTDP (2019-21) University of Denver (NCAA) 65
Ryan Healey Defenseman Sioux Falls (2020-22), NTDP (2020-21) 70 Harvard University
Jackson Dorrington Defenseman Des Moines (2021-22) 71 Northeastern University
Cameron O'Neill F Tri-City (2021-22) 77 University of Massachusetts
Michael Mastrodomenico Defenseman Lincoln (2020-22) 78 University of Notre Dame
Brennan Ali Forward Lincoln (2021-22), NTDP (2020-21) 83 University of Notre Dame
Cole Knuble Forward Fargo (2021-22), NTDP (2020-21) 84 University of Notre Dame
Marian Mosko Defenseman Lincoln (2021-22) 89 Cornell University
Michael LaStarza Forward Waterloo (2020-22) 91 Boston University
Daimon Gardner Forward Omaha (2020-22) 97 Clarkson University
Garrett Brown Defenseman Sioux City (2020-22) 102 University of Denver
Hudson Thornton * Defenseman Fargo (2020-21) Prince George (WHL) 109
Charlie Leddy Defenseman NTDP (2020-22) 117 Boston College
Cole Spicer Forward NTDP (2020-22) 121 University of North Dakota
Dylan Godbout Forward Sioux City (2021-22) 129 University of Wisconsin
Kazimier Sobieski Defenseman Sioux Falls (2021-22) 130 University of Massachusetts
Michael Callow * Forward NTDP (2020-21) St. Sebastian's School (USHS-Prep) 131 Harvard University
Jack Harvey Forward Chicago (2019-22) 135 Boston University
Sam Harris Forward Sioux Falls (2021-22) 136 University of Denver
Brady Berard Forward NTDP (2020-22) 138 Providence College
Nick Pierre Forward Sioux City (2020-22) 144 University of Wisconsin
Zaccharya Wisdom Forward Cedar Rapids (2021-22) 145 Colorado College
James Stefan * Forward Lincoln (2020-21) Portland (WHL) 157
Marek Hejduk Forward NTDP (2020-22) 159 Harvard University
Stephen Halliday Forward Dubuque (2019-22), Central Illinois (2018-19) 161 Ohio State University
Joey Muldowney Forward Des Moines (2021-22) 164 University of Connecticut
Luke Mittelstadt Defenseman Madison (2021-22), Lincoln (2020-21) 168 University of Minnesota
Seamus Powell Defenseman NTDP (2020-22) 169 Boston College
Jacob Guevin Defenseman Muskegon (2019-22) 173 University of Nebraska-Omaha
Adam Cardona Defenseman Waterloo (2021-22) 174
Tyler Dunbar Defenseman Muskegon (2019-22) 175 University of North Dakota
Aiden Dubinsky Defenseman Tri-City (2021-22), Omaha (2020-21) 176 University of Minnesota Duluth
Gavin O'Connell Forward Waterloo (2021-22) 178 University of Minnesota Duluth
Micah Berger Forward Sioux Falls (2021-22) 184 Miami University
Cade Littler * Forward NTDP (2020-21) Wenatchee (BCHL) 187
Kent Anderson Defenseman Green Bay (2021-22) 189 University of Denver
Matthew Morden Defenseman Muskegon (2021-22) 190 Harvard University
Reese Laubach Forward Youngstown (2021-22) 192 Minnesota State University
Davis Burnside Forward Dubuque (2021-22), Des Moines (2020-22), Tri-City (2019-21) 199 Ohio State University
Maddox Fleming Forward Sioux Falls (2021-22), NTDP (2020-22) 200 University of Notre Dame
Tyler Duke Defenseman NTDP (2020-22) 201
Mark Estapa * Forward Tri-City (2018-21) University of Michigan (NCAA) 205
Tyler Haskins Forward Madison (2019-20, 2021-22), Sioux Falls (2020-21) 208 University of Michigan
Connor Kurth Forward Dubuque (2020-22) 209 University of Minnesota
Eric Pohlkamp Defenseman Cedar Rapids (2021-22) 216 Bemidji State University
Jeremiah Slavin Defenseman Muskegon (2021-22) 219 Colorado College
Adam Zlnka Forward Sioux Falls (2021-22) LV

North American Goaltenders

Name USHL Team(s) & Season(s) Current Team (League) NHLCS Final Rankings NCAA Commitment
Dylan Silverstein NTDP (2020-22) 3 Boston College
Tyler Muszelik NTDP (2020-22) 4 University of New Hampshire
Cameron Whitehead Lincoln (2021-22) 7 Northeastern University
Emmett Croteau Waterloo (2020-22) 10 Clarkson University
Luca DiPasquo Green Bay (2021-22) 15 Michigan State University
Paxton Geisel Dubuque (2021-22) 19 University of Denver
Axel Mangbo Sioux City (2021-22) 26 University of Vermont
Hobie Hedquist Dubuque (2019-22) 27 University of North Dakota

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