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About Us - Make the Educated Decision

11/12/2014, 10:30am CST
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Learn more about the USHL and the development path to college hockey and the NHL.


New League Marketing Theme Tells the Story

In an effort to connect with key constituent groups in the hockey world, the USHL recently launched a marketing campaign with the theme “Make The Educated Decision.”  Targeted primarily at elite youth players and their parents, the campaign stresses the abundance of player development and academic opportunities available to players who are evaluating their options, with an emphasis on the path paved by the USHL.

The central message of the marketing campaign encourages players, parents, and family advisors to carefully evaluate the different paths available and to better understand the developmental landscape for reaching college and professional hockey.

“Our focus is on providing factual and provocative information that allows players to make a more calculated decision based on their goals on and off the ice,” said USHL Commissioner Bob Fallen.  “There are many ways for players to get from Point A to Point B in hockey and in the business world.  We felt we needed to do a better job of telling our story and providing information about the opportunities that we can help to create for hockey players and student-athletes.”

The “Make The Educated Decision” campaign will be included in promotional collateral and digital media materials generated by the USHL, but support will also come from new vendor partnerships and a new hire.  Two Minneapolis-based organizations were retained to assist the USHL in creating collateral and content to support the marketing campaign.  Sportsdigita, an agency that specializes in cloud-based presentations for sports organizations and properties, is creating a “DigiDeck” that will tell the USHL story in a compelling and transportable fashion.  Touchpoint Media, a content management and publishing firm best known for their long-standing work in hockey media, will publish a series of e-newsletters for the League and is also playing a key creative role for info-graphics blended into USHL media properties.  

The League hired former USHL turned collegiate hockey player Doug Christiansen to fill a revamped position focused on player development and recruiting.  Christiansen will travel to a variety of North American destinations to present to hockey organizations.  He’ll be supported by a network of talent scouts in regions across North America to help identify prospects that have the potential and the interest to play in the USHL and beyond. 

Take a look at our message and see for yourself.


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