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Fall Classic West Youth Tournament

08/12/2016, 6:15pm CDT

USHL announced details for the inaugural Fall Classic Youth Tournament in Omaha, NE.


The United States Hockey League announced the full schedule and teams playing in the inaugural Fall Classic West Youth Tournament. 16 of the nation’s top youth U16 teams will compete in group play, followed by a semifinal and final game to determine a champion. All games will take place at Baxter Arena, home of the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks, and Ralston Arena, home of the Omaha Lancers. Youth players will have complimentary access to all USHL games at the Fall Classic West, in addition to a Mavericks practice.


“This represents the USHL’s first-ever foray into the youth tournament realm,” said President and Commissioner Bob Fallen. “Top organizations from all over the country will compete against one another and be exposed to the largest gathering of NCAA and USHL scouts in the nation. Providing these fine young players and their parents the opportunity to see our on-ice product up close and in person is also very valuable to our league because it shows them what the highest level of junior hockey looks like.”


USHL Central Scouting determined the top teams in the nation based on projected rosters and club pedigree from previous seasons. Once the 16 teams were selected, the department then determined seeding and group placement.


Each team will play all three opponents in its group, collecting points based on wins, overtime wins and overtime losses. The top teams in each group will then advance to the Semifinals, while the other teams will compete in one last game for final standings. The championship will be determined with a final game, while final standings 3-16 will be determined by final points earned based upon records.


“This tournament in its first year is already one of the best showcases of youth hockey in America,” said Director of Player Development and Recruitment Doug Christiansen. “We have assembled 16 of the best teams in the country to compete in front of both NCAA and USHL scouts. This tournament is designed to not only help educate players and families on their development options, but also gives all 17 USHL teams an opportunity to scout the best of the best.”


Below is a listing of the USHL Fall Classic West Youth Tournament groups, named after notable USHL alumni, and teams participating listed in order of seeding:



Pacioretty Group:

1. Chicago Mission

2. Colorado Thunderbirds

3. Belle Tire

4. Minnesota High Performance League Blue


Eichel Group:

1. Minnesota Blades

2. Team Wisconsin

3. Team Illinois

4. Anaheim Jr. Ducks


Gaudreau Group:

1. Compuware

2. Dallas Stars Elite

3. Fox Motors

4. Minnesota High Performance League Maroon


Pavelski Group:

1. HoneyBaked

2. Omaha AAA

3. Oakland Jr. Grizzlies

4. Los Angeles Jr. Kings



The 16 teams represent eight different states and six different leagues. In total, the programs above produced over 70 2016 USHL Draft picks. Details regarding the USHL Fall Classic East Youth Tournament will be revealed at a later date.


Below is the full USHL Fall Classic West schedule:

Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Location
9/9/16 8:00 AM Dallas Stars Elite Minnesota HP Maroon Ralston-Auxiliary
9/9/16 8:00 AM Minnesota Blades Team Illinois Baxter-Main
9/9/16 10:00 AM Omaha AAA Oakland Jr. Grizzlies Ralston-Auxiliary
9/9/16 10:00 AM Minnesota HP Blue Chicago Mission Baxter-Main
9/9/16 12:00 PM Fox Motors Compuware Ralston-Auxiliary
9/9/16 12:00 PM Colorado Thunderbirds Belle Tire Baxter-Main
9/9/16 2:00 PM Team Wisconsin Anaheim Jr. Ducks Ralston-Auxiliary
9/9/16 2:00 PM LA Jr. Kings Honeybaked Baxter-Main
9/10/16 8:00 AM Oakland Jr. Grizzlies Honeybaked Ralston-Auxiliary
9/10/16 8:00 AM Minnesota HP Maroon Compuware Baxter-Main
9/10/16 8:15 AM LA Jr. Kings Omaha AAA Baxter-Holland
9/10/16 10:00 AM Chicago Mission Belle Tire Ralston-Auxiliary
9/10/16 10:00 AM Fox Motors Dallas Stars Elite Baxter-Main
9/10/16 10:15 AM Colorado Thunderbirds Minnesota HP Blue Baxter-Holland
9/10/16 12:00 PM Team Wisconsin Team Illinois Ralston-Auxiliary
9/10/16 12:15 PM Anaheim Jr. Ducks Minnesota Blades Baxter-Holland
9/10/16 2:00 PM Oakland Jr. Grizzlies LA Jr. Kings Ralston-Auxiliary
9/10/16 2:00 PM Honeybaked Omaha AAA Baxter-Main
9/10/16 4:00 PM Minnesota HP Maroon Fox Motors Ralston-Auxiliary
9/10/16 4:00 PM Compuware Dallas Stars Elite Baxter-Main
9/10/16 5:00 PM Belle Tire Minnesota HP Blue Baxter-Holland
9/10/16 6:00 PM Chicago Mission Colorado Thunderbirds Baxter-Main
9/10/16 7:00 PM Anaheim Jr. Ducks Team Illinois Baxter-Holland
9/10/16 8:00 PM Team Wisconsin Minnesota Blades Baxter-Main
9/11/16 8:00 AM Pacioretty1 Eichel1 Ralston-Main
9/11/16 8:00 AM Gaudreau1 Pavelski1 Baxter-Main
9/11/16 8:15 AM Pacioretty3 Eichel3 Ralston-Auxiliary
9/11/16 8:15 AM Gaudreau3 Pavelski3 Baxter-Holland
9/11/16 10:00 AM Eichel2 Pacioretty2 Ralston-Main
9/11/16 10:00 AM Pavelski2 Gaudreau2 Baxter-Main
9/11/16 10:15 AM Eichel4 Pacioretty4 Ralston-Auxiliary
9/11/16 10:15 AM Pavelski4 Gaudreau4 Baxter-Holland
9/11/16 2:00 PM WINNER (Pacioretty1vEichel1) WINNER (Gaudreau1vPavelski1) Ralston-Main


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the USHL celebrates its 14th season as the nation's only Tier I junior hockey league in 2015-16.  A record 37 players were chosen in the 2015 NHL Draft and more than 375 players on team rosters last season committed to NCAA Division I schools, further establishing the USHL as the world’s foremost producer of junior hockey talent.

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