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Recap: Day 2 - 2017 Fall Classic Youth Tournament

09/29/2017, 11:00pm CDT

Recaps, scores, standings, and schedule for 2017 Fall Classic U16 Tournament.

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I’m the One(s)

One seeds moving on to the winners bracket on day 3 break down like this:

Matthews – Chicago Mission (3-0-0, 8 points)
Gaudreau - Dallas Stars Elite (2-0-1, 7 points)
Guentzel - Team Wisconsin (3-0-0, 9 points)
Pavelski - Little Caesars (3-0-0, 9 points)


Shoot Your Shot

A pair of day two games go to a shootout. A 10-round prize fight goes to Chicago Mission, a 3-2 winner over the Anaheim Jr. Ducks. Defenseman Matt Basgall finally ended the madness with a goal to lock up first place for Chicago in the Matthews bracket. Compuware also locked up second place in the Guentzel bracket with a 2-1 shootout win over Pittsburgh Penguins Elite.


Stranges Things

Michigan commit Antonio Stranges put up a hat trick, scoring three of four goals including the game-winner to give Little Caesars a 4-3 win over Fox Motors. In Little Caesars’ second game of the day, Stranges picked up an assist on the team’s first goal before notching his second game-winner of the day to lift Little Caesars to a 2-1 win over Colorado and go undefeated to win the Pavelski group and move on to the winners bracket. Stranges has four goals and an assist in the opening three games for Little Caesars.


Hats Off

Stranges tallied the first hat trick of the day in Little Caesars’ 4-3 win over Fox Motors, but he wasn’t the only one.

Kristoff Papp scored the first three goals of the game for Honeybaked, two of them shorthanded. Papp’s hat trick goal tied the game 3-3 with Dallas Stars Elite in the third. Papp made it a four-point game with an assist on the fourth goal that temporarily gave Honeybaked a 4-3 lead with 2:12 to play in the third. Dallas scored a minute later to force overtime, where Honeybaked eventually won with a beautiful goal by defenseman Hunter Skinner.

Just shy of the hat trick, but still with an outstanding performance of note on day two, forward Hunter Strand of the Alaska Oilers. Strand had the lone goal in Alaska’s loss to Dallas and racked up two goals and an assist in the Oilers win over St. Louis.


Who’s the Favorite?

If we’re picking favorites (we’re not)… the winner of the bout between Team Wisconsin and Little Caesars should be the ‘favorite’ heading into the championship. Both teams enter the semifinal undefeated. It’s a “Man vs. Machine” matchup. Little Caesars has “the man” so far in Stranges, while Wisconsin has used a balanced attack to outscore their opponents 11-1.

In the other semifinal, Chicago Mission and Dallas Stars Elite are primed for a fast-paced, exciting game. Both have survived the drama of overtime games and it’s easy to believe this will be decided by a goal.


Best of the Rest

The Anaheim Jr. Ducks can make the argument that they’re the best of the rest of the teams not in the winners bracket. The Ducks only loss was to their Matthews bracket counterpart Chicago, as Mission topped Anaheim 3-2 in a 10-round shootout. That lone point marks the difference between the first and second place spots, as Anaheim looked convincing in an entertaining 4-2 win over Minnesota on Day One, and 4-1 over Belle Tire to close out Day Two.



Game 1 – Compuware 3, Shattuck-St. Mary’s 2
Game 2 – Team Wisconsin 3, Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 0
Game 3 – Honeybaked 5, St. Louis AAA Blues 2
Game 4 – Dallas Stars Elite 3, Alaska Oilers 1
Game 5 – Little Caesars 4, Fox Motors 3
Game 6 – Jersey Hitmen 3, Colorado Thunderbirds 0
Game 7 – Minnesota Blades 4, Belle Tire 3
Game 8 – Chicago Mission 3, Anaheim Jr. Ducks 2 (SO)
Game 9 – Compuware 2, Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 1 (SO)
Game 10 – Team Wisconsin 3, Shattuck-St. Mary’s 0
Game 11 – Alaska Oilers 5, St. Louis AAA Blues 3
Game 12 – Honeybaked 5, Dallas Stars Elite 4 OT
Game 13 – Little Caesars 2, Colorado Thunderbirds 1
Game 14 – Chicago Mission 6, Minnesota Blades 1
Game 15 – Fox Motors 4, Jersey Hitmen 0
Game 16 – Anaheim Jr. Ducks 4, Belle Tire 1




1. Chicago Mission (8 pts.)

2. Anaheim Jr. Ducks (7)

3. Minnesota Blades (3)

4. Belle Tire (0)



1. Dallas Stars Elite (7 pts.)

2. Honeybaked (6)

3. Alaska Oilers (5)

4. St. Louis AAA Blues (0)



1. Team Wisconsin (9 pts.)

2. Compuware (5)

3. Pittsburgh Penguins Elite (4)

4. Shattuck-St. Mary's (0)



1. Little Caesars (9 pts.)

2. Fox Motors (4)

3. Jersey Hitmen (3)

4. Colorado Thunderbirds (2)



7:00 AM – Little Caesars (Pavelski 1) vs. Team Wisconsin (Guentzel 1) – UPMC Fedex
7:30 AM – Chicago Mission (Matthews 1) vs. Dallas Stars Elite (Gaudreau 1) – RMU Colonials Arena
7:30 AM – Alaska (Gaudreau 3) vs. Minnesota (Matthews 3) – RMU Olympic
8:00 AM – Shattuck (Guentzel 4) vs. Colorado (Pavelski 4) – Baierl World
8:30 AM – St. Louis (Gaudreau 4) vs. Belle Tire (Matthews 4) – Baierl Galaxy
9:00 AM – Fox Motors (Pavelski 2) vs. Compuware (Guentzel 2) – UPMC Fedex
10:30 AM – Pittsburgh (Guentzel 3) vs. Jersey (Pavelski 3) – Baierl Galaxy
11:00 AM – Anaheim (Matthews 2) vs. Honeybaked (Gaudreau 2) – UPMC Fedex
CHAMPIONSHIP  |  1:30 PM (Winner of Matthews 1/Gaudreau 1) vs. (Winner of Pavelski 1/Guentzel 1) – UPMC Fedex

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