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USHL Suspensions and Transactions


Marko Reifenberger Sioux Falls Aggressor 1 12/14
AJ Drobot Fargo Kneeing 2 12/16
Case McCarthy Team USA Kneeing 1 1/15
James Sanchez Dubuque Head Contact 2 12/13
Nikolai Jenson Youngstown Slew Footing 1 12/14
Chase Pilawski Green Bay Fighting (Under Five Minutes) 2 12/14
Jacob Semik Dubuque Fighting (Under Five Minutes) 2 12/8
Josh Groll Chicago Staged Fight 1 12/7
Benito Posa Central Illinois Staged Fight 1 12/9
Ross Mitton Fargo Boarding 3 12/8
Ruben Rafkin Tri-City Inciting an Opponent 1 12/1
Noah Prokop Green Bay Abuse of Officials 1 12/1
Matthew Gould Madison Abuse of Officials 1 12/2
Calvin Pokorny Madison Aggressor 1 12/1
Chase McLane Tri-CIty Cross Checking 2 11/30
Benito Posa Central Illinois Head-Butting 1 11/24
Tate Singleton Central Illinois Removing Opponent's Helmet 1 11/23
Tony Malinowski Des Moines Secondary Altercation 2 11/23
Kaden Bohlsen Des Moines Secondary Altercation 2 11/23
Jack Clement Des Moines Secondary Altercation 2 11/23
Kevin Lombardi Sioux City Secondary Altercation 2 11/24
Luke Johnson Sioux City Secondary Altercation 2 11/24
Anthony Kehrer Sioux City Secondary Altercation 2 11/24
John Beecher Team USA Head Contact 1 11/23
Jackson Decker Omaha Removing Opponent's Helmet 1 11/18
Chaseton Sare Central Illinois Staged Fight 1 11/11
Verners Egle Dubuque Staged Fight 1 11/16
Josh DeLuca Youngstown Butt-Ending 1 11/16
Carson Kosobud Central Illinois Supplementary Discipline 1 11/9
Ethan Martini Central Illinois Aggressor 1 11/9
Noah Ganske Green Bay Head Contact 1 11/9
Artem Ivanyuzhenkov Sioux Falls Cross Checking 1 11/3
Grant Johnson Lincoln Slew-Foot 1 11/2
Casey Carreau Des Moines Head Contact 2 11/4
Tyler Kleven USA Kneeing 1 Oct. 27
Ethan Martini Central Illinois Head Contact 1 Oct. 27
Logan Britt LIncoln Head Contact 1 Oct. 27
Brock Paul Waterloo Head Contact 1 Oct. 20
Michael Colella Omaha Boarding 1 Oct. 26
Joseph Lamoreaux Madison Spearing 1 Oct. 20
Kirby Proctor Des Moines Slashing 1 Oct. 12
Artem Ivanyuzhenkov Sioux Falls Boarding 1 Oct. 6
Khristian Acosta Tri-CIty Supplementary Discipline 3 Sept. 28
Chase McLane Tri-CIty Supplementary Discipline 3 Sept. 28
Connor McMenamin Tri-CIty Supplementary Discipline 2 Sept. 27
Austen Long Omaha Continuing Altercation 1 Sept. 20
Josh DeLuca Youngstown Abuse of Officials 1 Sept. 30
Trevor Kuntar Youngstown Cross Checking 1 Sept. 30
Jace Foskey Madison Boarding 1 Sept. 28
Aidan Fulp Dubuque Kneeing 1 Sept. 22
Mike Watt Central Illinois Abuse of Officials 1 Sept. 22
Jordan Steinmetz Sioux City Cross Checking 1 Sept. 18
Ethan Martini Central Illinois Cross Checking 1 Sept. 21
Hunter Skinner Muskegon High Sticking 3 Sept. 29
Cam Cokinos Des Moines Staged Fight 1 Sept. 21
Connor Caponi Waterloo Staged Fight 1 Sept. 17
Grant Anderson Omaha Slashing 1 Sept. 16


12/15/18 Jack Conroy Madison Drop
12/14/18 Jack Hillman Omaha Add
12/14/18 Harrison Roy Omaha Trade
12/14/18 Jerry Harding Cedar Rapids Trade
12/14/18 Matt Koopman Waterloo Drop
12/14/18 Solag Bakich Waterloo Add from Injured Reserve
12/13/18 Brendan Budy Tri-City Add
12/13/18 Oliver Wahlstrom Tri-City Drop
12/12/18 Ryan McInchak Muskegon Add
12/12/18 Matthew Sutton Chicago Drop
12/11/18 Steven Holtz Youngstown Injured Reserve
12/10/18 Patrick Smyth Dubuque Injured Reserve
12/8/18 Jonny Russell Des Moines Add from Injured Reserve
12/8/18 Jack Conroy Madison Add
12/8/18 Trey LaBarge Madison Drop
12/7/18 Carter Randklev Fargo Injured Reserve
12/5/18 Matthew Sutton Chicago Add
12/5/18 Carl Berglund Sioux Falls Add
12/3/18 Jake Suede Youngstown Recalled from Lone Star (NAHL)
12/1/18 Frank Dovorany Omaha Injured Reserve
11/30/18 Jake Suede Youngstown Loaned to Lone Star (NAHL)
11/30/18 Chase Hamstad Cedar Rapids Injured Reserve
11/29/18 Philippe Lapointe Central Illinois Trade
11/29/18 Max Ellis Lincoln Trade
11/28/18 Timothy Clifton Chicago Drop
11/28/18 Dallas Tulik Dubuque Add
11/27/18 Sam Huff Green Bay Injured Reserve
11/27/18 Ryan Ullan Green Bay Add from Injured Reserve
11/24/18 Carson Kosobud Central Illinois Drop
11/24/18 Jake Wise Chicago Add
11/23/18 Aidan Fulp Dubuque Add from Injured Reserve
11/23/18 Aleksi Peltonen Omaha Add
11/23/18 Adam Samuelsson Sioux City Add
11/23/18 Jacob Herter Sioux City Drop
11/22/18 Valtteri Piironen Sioux Falls Injured Reserve
11/22/18 Oliver Wahlstrom Tri-City Add
11/22/18 Egor Postnov Lincoln Add
11/22/18 Randy Hernandez Lincoln Drop
11/21/18 Marek Valach Cedar Rapids Injured Reserve
11/21/18 Matt Cameron Sioux Falls Trade
11/21/18 Austen Swankler Waterloo Trade
11/21/18 Dominic Vidoli Sioux City Add
11/21/18 Andrei Golikov Muskegon Add
11/21/18 Cameron Ginnetti Cedar Rapids Trade
11/20/18 Kamil Sadlocha Madison Add
11/20/18 Phillip Elgestal Central Illinois Drop
11/20/18 Ethan Martini Central Illinois Drop
11/19/18 Christoffer Bjork Fargo Trade
11/19/18 Joey Musa Omaha Drop
11/19/18 Austen Long Omaha Add from Injured Reserve
11/17/18 Michael Colella Tri-City Add
11/16/18 Jaden Shields Omaha Trade
11/14/18 Ville Rasanen Chicago Add
11/14/18 Braden Costello Green Bay Trade
11/14/18 Matyas Svoboda Green Bay Drop
11/13/18 Matthew Barnaby Youngstown Trade
11/13/18 Vinnie Purpura Youngstown Trade
11/13/18 Akira Schmid Omaha Add
11/13/18 Michael Colella Omaha Drop
11/13/18 Jonathan Young Youngstown Drop
11/10/18 Ville Rasanen Lincoln Drop
11/10/18 Tristan Ashbrook Lincoln Add from Injured Reserve
11/9/18 Xan Gurney Fargo Add from Injured Reserve
11/9/18 Jake Suede Youngstown Add
11/8/18 Chaseton Sare Central Illinois Add
11/8/18 Jamie Armstrong Central Illinois Drop
11/6/18 Kyle Bettens Fargo Drop
11/6/18 Aiden Gallacher Youngstown Injured Reserve
11/6/18 Brehdan Engum Waterloo Trade
11/6/18 Michael Ferrandino Central Illinois Trade
11/2/18 Aidan Fulp Dubuque Injured Reserve
11/2/18 Joey Musa Omaha Add
11/2/18 Ben Perkins Omaha Drop
11/1/18 Cole Kodsi Omaha Trade
11/1/18 Mathieu De St. Phalle Chicago Trade
11/1/18 Roman Kraemer Youngstown Drop
10/31/18 Troy Kobryn Cedar Rapids Add
10/31/18 Jonny Russell Des Moines Injured Reserve
10/31/18 Christian Stoever Youngstown Trade
10/31/18 Justin Evenson Youngstown Drop
10/30/18 Levi Kleiboer Sioux City Drop
10/30/18 Peter Tabor Madison Drop
10/30/18 Andy Stoneman Madison Drop
10/27/18 Mac Wiseman Tri-City Drop
10/25/18 Zach Dubinsky Lincoln Injured Reserve
10/25/18 Grant Johnson Lincoln Add from Injured Reserve
10/21/18 Artyom Borschyov Tri-City Drop
10/19/18 Nolan McElhaney Omaha Injured Reserve
10/19/18 Brendan Furry Omaha Add from Injured Reserve
10/19/18 Igor Larionov Muskegon Add
10/19/18 Joey Kile Muskegon Drop
10/18/18 Benito Posa Central Illinois Trade
10/18/18 Ben Sanderson Dubuque Drop
10/18/18 Jack MacNab Central Illinois Drop
10/17/18 Mac Wiseman Tri-City Add
10/17/18 Garrett Worth Tri-City Drop
10/17/18 Kyle Koopman Waterloo Drop
10/17/18 Bartek Bison Fargo Drop
10/16/18 William Villeneuve Waterloo Drop
10/15/18 Garrett Mackay Madison Add
10/15/18 Josh Graziano Madison Drop
10/12/18 Nikita Krivokrasov Omaha Add
10/12/18 CJ Walker Omaha Drop
10/10/18 Lance Leonard Omaha Drop
10/10/18 Jake Kucharski Omaha Trade
10/10/18 Mikael Hakkarainen Muskegon Add
10/9/18 Rylee St. Onge Des Moines Add
10/9/18 Aaron White Omaha Add
10/9/18 Andy Stoneman Madison Trade
10/9/18 Zane Demsey Madison Drop
10/9/18 Tyler Johnson Lincoln Add
10/9/18 Wouter Peeters Lincoln Drop
10/6/18 CJ Regula Muskegon Drop
10/4/18 Caleb Price Sioux Falls Drop
10/2/18 Michael Colella Omaha Add
10/2/18 Cooper Fensterstock Omaha Drop
9/25/18 Artyom Borschyov Tri-City Add
9/25/18 Tyler Coffey Tri-City Injured Reserve
9/25/18 Chase Sakic Tri-City Drop
9/25/18 Chase Sakic Tri-City Add from Injured Reserve
9/25/18 Josh Graziano Madison Add
9/25/18 Garrett Mackay Madison Drop
9/24/18 Hunter Weiss Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Jake Suede Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Ruslan Iskhkov Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Oliver True Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Gabriel Seger Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Juraj Ovecka Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Patrick Dawson Youngstown Drop
9/24/18 Jett Jungels Waterloo Drop
9/24/18 Mark D'Agostino Waterloo Drop
9/24/18 Niko Esposito-Selivanoc Waterloo Drop
9/24/18 Ray Christy Waterloo Drop
9/24/18 Solag Bakich Waterloo Injured Reserve
9/24/18 Dalton Norris Tri-City Drop
9/24/18 Zachary Uens Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 Austen Humphrey Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 William Margel Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 David Andreychuk Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 Kyle Oleksiuk Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 Mark Cheremeta Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 Jake Braccini Sioux Falls Drop
9/24/18 Briggs Gammill Sioux City Drop
9/24/18 Carson Riddle Sioux City Drop
9/24/18 Michael Posma Sioux City Drop
9/24/18 Nate Knoepke Sioux City College
9/24/18 Dawson Klein Sioux City Drop
9/24/18 Clark Kerner Sioux City Drop
9/24/18 David Farrance Sioux City College
9/24/18 Luke Mountain Omaha Drop
9/24/18 Christian Sbaraglia Omaha Drop
9/24/18 Trevor Peca Omaha Drop
9/24/18 Austen Long Omaha Injured Reserve
9/24/18 Michael Mannara Omaha Drop
9/24/18 Brian George Omaha Drop
9/24/18 Joseph Harguindeguy Muskegon Drop
9/24/18 Tyler Watkins Muskegon Drop
9/24/18 Alex Trombley Muskegon Drop
9/24/18 Conner Tait Madison Drop
9/24/18 Alex Newhook Lincoln Drop
9/24/18 Nate Mann Lincoln Drop
9/24/18 Alex Swetlikoff Lincoln Drop
9/24/18 Connor McGinnis Lincoln Drop
9/24/18 Corson Green LIncoln College
9/24/18 PJ Fletcher Lincoln Drop
9/24/18 Chase Pletzke Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 Nikolai Charchenko Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 Carver Watson Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 Nicholas Nardella Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 Tim Makowski Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 George Grannis Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 Justin Engelkas Green Bay Drop
9/24/18 Austin Wong Fargo Drop
9/24/18 Brodie McDougall Fargo Drop
9/24/18 Harrison Blaisdell Fargo Drop
9/24/18 Nicolas Petruolo Fargo Drop
9/24/18 Kyle Gudme Fargo Drop
9/24/18 Atticus Kelly Fargo Drop
9/24/18 Davis Pennington Dubuque Drop
9/24/18 Vince Marino Dubuque Drop
9/24/18 Noah Kim Dubuque Drop
9/24/18 Andre Ghantous Dubuque Drop
9/24/18 Adrian Danchenko Dubuque Drop
9/24/18 Garrett Daly Dubuque Drop
9/24/18 Brady Ziemer Des Moines Drop
9/24/18 Cam Cokinos Des Moines Drop
9/24/18 Max Klanow Des Moines Drop
9/24/18 Riley St. Onge Des Moines Drop
9/24/18 Dylan Holloway Chicago Drop
9/24/18 Jordan Halverson Chicago Drop
9/24/18 Dayton Rasmussen Chicago Drop
9/24/18 Sam Bucek Chicago Drop
9/24/18 Wesley Mankowski Central Illinois Drop
9/24/18 Josh Graziano Central Illinois Drop
9/24/18 Brandon Cimino Central Illinois Drop
9/24/18 Philip Waugh Cedar Rapids Drop
9/24/18 Makai Mitchell Cedar Rapids Drop
9/24/18 John Lundy Cedar Rapids Drop
9/24/18 Matthew Osadick Cedar Rapids Drop
9/24/18 Troy Kobryn Cedar Rapids Drop
9/24/18 Calvin Dybicz Tri-City Trade
9/24/18 Josh Bohlin Sioux City Trade
9/24/18 Andy Stoneman Omaha Trade
9/24/18 Nolan McElhaney Omaha Trade
9/24/18 Lance Leonard Omaha Trade
9/24/18 Joey Kile Muskegon Add
9/24/18 James McIsaac Muskegon Trade
9/24/18 Ben Badalamenti Lincoln Trade
9/24/18 Sam Huff Green Bay Trade
9/23/18 Peter Tabor Madison Trade
9/23/18 Blake Evennou Madison Drop
9/22/18 Jackson Decker Omaha Trade
9/22/18 Zach Borgiel Omaha Drop
9/22/18 Garrett Clegg Omaha Drop
9/21/18 CJ Walker Omaha Trade
9/21/18 Brady Smith Sioux City Trade
9/21/18 Verners Egle Dubuque Add
9/21/18 Ryan Ullan Green Bay Injured Reserve
9/21/18 Tristan Ashbrook Lincoln Injured Reserve
9/21/18 Massimo Rizzo Chicago Drop
9/21/18 Tyler Johnson Dubuque Drop
9/21/18 Patrick Choi Omaha Drop
9/21/18 John Kalijian Omaha Drop
9/20/18 Troy Kobryn Cedar Rapids Add
9/20/18 Sabastian Frantz Tri-City Drop
9/20/18 Dustyn McFaul Cedar Rapids Drop
9/19/18 Dmitri Deryabin Cedar Rapids Trade
9/19/18 Justin Evenson Youngstown Trade
9/19/18 Tyler Johnson Dubuque Add
9/19/18 James Crossman Cedar Rapids Drop
9/19/18 Robert Christy Des Moines Drop
9/19/18 Matt Stoia Dubuque Drop
9/19/18 Andy Nedeljkovic Fargo Drop
9/19/18 Verners Egle Madison Drop
9/19/18 Manuel Nix Madison Drop
9/19/18 Aleksi Peltonen Madison Drop
9/19/18 Bret Link Madison Drop
9/19/18 Luke Krys Madison Drop
9/19/18 Mike Hardman Youngstown Drop
9/18/18 Logan Jenuwine Muskegon Drop
9/18/18 Adam Pitters Muskegon Drop
9/18/18 Yuri Davis-Martel Omaha Drop
9/18/18 Anton Andersson Fargo Drop
9/18/18 Garrett Worth Tri-City Trade
9/18/18 Jan Kern Omaha Trade
9/18/18 Brian George Omaha Add
9/18/18 Daniel Hilsendager Muskegon Trade
9/18/18 Steve Agriogianis Lincoln Trade
9/18/18 Colin Ugbekile Fargo Trade
9/18/18 Andre Ghantous Dubuque Trade
9/18/18 Ben Almquist Cedar Rapids Trade
9/17/18 Connor Senken Des Moines Add
9/17/18 Randy Hernandez Lincoln Trade
9/17/18 Christopher Lipe Dubuque Trade
9/15/18 Brett Miller Muskegon Drop
9/14/18 Jordan Kovacs Muskegon Drop
9/12/18 Jacob Willets Tri-City Drop
9/12/18 Matthew Holmes Tri-City Drop
9/7/18 Wouter Peters Lincoln Add
9/5/18 Ryan Doolin Chicago Add
9/5/18 Jake Harrison Fargo Add
9/5/18 Mike Hardman Youngstown Add
9/5/18 Samuel Salonen Youngstown Drop
9/5/18 Jordan Wishman Dubuque Drop
9/4/18 Matthew Maggio Muskegon Drop
9/3/18 Elias Rosen Tri-City Add
9/1/18 Grant Johnson Lincoln Injured Reserve
9/1/18 Xan Gurney Fargo Injured Reserve
9/1/18 Brendan Furry Omaha Injured Reserve
9/1/18 Luke LaMaster Tri-City Injured Reserve
9/1/18 Chase Sakic Tri-City Injured Reserve