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USHL Suspensions and Transactions


Aaron Grounds Fargo TBD TBD TBD
Logan Anderson Des Moines Boarding 1 Jan. 24
Will Dineen Sioux Falls Elbowing 2 Jan. 24
Trevor Kuntar Youngstown Abuse of Officials 1 Jan. 18
Cade Lemmer Youngstown Boarding 1 Jan. 17
Justin Janicke Team USA Boarding 1 Jan. 17
Branden Suter Madison Aggressor 2 Jan. 18
Joe Cassetti Waterloo Elbowing 1 Jan. 14
Nick Capone Tri-City Cross Checking 6 Jan. 25
Michael Posma Cedar Rapids Staged Fight 1 Jan. 11
Tanner Edwards Muskegon Aggressor 4 Jan. 25
Tanner Edwards Muskegon Second Fight in Same Game 2 Jan. 25
Tanner Edwards Muskegon Staged Fight 1 Jan. 25
Frederick Paine Des Moines Kneeing 2 Jan. 17
Danil Gushchin Muskegon Checking from Behind 1 Jan. 9
Ty Murchison Team USA Cross Checking 1 Jan. 4
Camden Thiesing Green Bay Spearing 1 Jan. 3
Jake Suede Youngstown Cross Checking 2 Jan. 3
Trevor Kuntar Youngstown Cross Checking 1 Dec. 31
Josh DeLuca Youngstown Head Contact 4 Jan. 10
Matthew Cassidy Youngstown Roughing 1 Dec. 31
Aidan Gallacher Youngstown Head Contact 3 Jan. 5
Bryan Huggins Muskegon Removing Opponent's Helmet 1 Jan. 3
Frank Dovorany Madison Removing Opponent's Helmet 1 Jan. 3
Christian Sarlo Lincoln Kneeing 2 Jan. 3
Aaron Grounds Fargo Kneeing 1 Dec. 31
Brock Bremer Lincoln Cross Checking 1 Dec. 31
Brian Kramer Fargo Instigator 1 Dec. 31
Nicklas Andrews Des Moines Grabbing Face Mask 1 Dec. 31
Michael Ferrandino Green Bay Spearing 1 Dec. 31
Mason Salquist Fargo Kneeing 1 Dec. 28
Hunter Carrick Madison Cross Checking 1 Dec. 27
Frederick Paine Des Moines Third Man In 1 Dec. 27
Brad Morrissey Lincoln Aggressor 1 Dec. 27
Nolan Renwick Omaha Boarding 1 Dec. 27
Tanner Edwards Muskegon Grabbing Face Mask 1 Dec. 28
Nick Capone Tri-City Checking from Behind 4 Dec. 31
Jacob Mucitelli Lincoln Abuse of Officials 6 Jan. 5
Brian Silver Omaha Abuse of Officials 3 Dec. 27
Patrick Schmiedlin Madison Kneeing 2 Dec. 27
Bennett Zmolek Cedar Rapids Kneeing 1 Dec. 14
Max Sasson Cedar Rapids Cross Checking 1 Dec. 14
David Gucciardi Sioux City Head Contact 3 Dec. 27
Griffin Ness Waterloo Head Contact 2 Dec. 14
Stephen Davis Madison Head Contact 3 Dec. 27
Keighan Gerrie Waterloo Head Contact 1 Dec. 13
Ryan Poorman Muskegon Cross Checking 1 Dec. 7
Cooper Fensterstock Des Moines Helmet Removal 1 Dec. 13
Cooper Fensterstock Des Moines Fighting (Under Five Minutes) 2 Dec. 13
Matthew Argentina Waterloo Fighting (Under Five Minutes) 2 Dec. 7
Ricky Lyle Madison Kneeing 3 Dec. 7
Casey MacDonald Fargo Roughing 3 Dec. 12
Chase Bradley Omaha Head Contact 1 Dec. 6
Matthew Beniers Team USA Boarding 1 Dec. 6
Tyler Kleven Team USA Cross Checking 1 Dec. 6
Tanner Edwards Muskegon Head Contact 3 Dec. 6
Stephen Davis Madison Head Contact 2 Dec. 1
Spencer Smith Lincoln Boarding 4 Dec. 7
Nick Capone Tri-CIty Kneeing 3 Dec. 1
Benito Posa Green Bay Kneeing 1 Nov. 29
Jack Horbach Madison Slew Foot 1 Nov. 27
Vincent Weis Madison Kneeing 1 Nov. 27
Nikolai Mayorov Cedar Rapids Head Butting 1 Nov. 28
Jake Suede Youngstown Head Contact 2 Nov. 27
Tanner Latsch Team USA Checking from Behind 1 Nov. 23
Ricky Lyle Madison Grabbing Face Mask 1 Nov. 22
Kaden Bohlsen Fargo Boarding 1 Nov. 22
Blaine Warnert Des Moines Slashing 1 Nov. 16
Zach Faremouth Fargo Kneeing 3 Nov. 15
Oliver MacDonald Muskegon Head Contact 1 Nov. 9
Jack Jensen Omaha Head Contact 3 Nov. 22
Griffin Ness Waterloo Checking from Behind 2 Nov. 9
Nikolai Jenson Youngstown Kneeing 3 Nov. 16
Frederick Paine Des Moines Leaving the Bench 2 Nov. 8
Ricky Lyle Madison Kneeing 2 Nov. 8
Zach Plucinski Omaha Aggressor 1 Nov. 2
Ryan Lautenbach Omaha Head Contact 1 Nov. 2
Zach Faremouth Fargo Checking from Behind 1 Nov. 2
Jack Jensen Omaha Checking from Behind 2 Nov. 2
John Jaworski Chicago Boarding 3 Nov. 8
Hunter Weiss Madison Kneeing 1 Oct. 27
Josh Groll Lincoln Boarding 2 Nov. 1
Aiden Gallacher Youngstown Instigator 1 Nov. 1
Cade Lemmer Youngstown Head Contact 4 Nov. 9
Nick Capone Tri-City Kneeing 2 Oct. 20
Brady Ziemer Green Bay Cross Check 1 Oct. 12
Ross Mitton Lincoln Head Contact 4 Oct. 19
Ryan Sorkin Muskegon Roughing 3 Oct. 18
Will Francis Cedar Rapids Kneeing 2 Oct. 18
Jordan Strand Sioux City Checking from Behind 1 Oct. 12
Ryan Robinson Des Moines Checking from Behind 1 Oct. 11
Branden Suter Madison Abuse of Officials 1 Oct. 11
Josh DeLuca Youngstown Checking from Behind 2 Oct. 13
David Gucciardi Muskegon Cross Checking 4 Oct. 18
Nikolai Jenson Youngstown Kneeing 2 Oct. 5
Ignat Belov Cedar Rapids Kneeing 1 Sept. 27
Connor Mylymok Youngstown Staged Fight 1 Sept. 27
Jan Kern Des Moines Head Contact 1 Sept. 29
Tyler Kleven Team USA High Sticking 1 Sept. 29


1/19/20 Tadeas Talafa Lincoln Add
1/18/20 Connor McGinnis Omaha Injured Reserve
1/17/20 Kevin MacKay Cedar Rapids Add
1/13/20 Raimonds Vitolins Sioux Falls Add
1/11/20 Dane Montgomery Waterloo Add from Injured Reserve
1/11/20 Daniel Allin Tri-City Drop
1/10/20 Jonathan Ziskie Fargo Add
1/9/20 Benito Posa Des Moines Add
1/9/20 Ryan Sorkin Omaha Traded to Madison
1/9/20 Coltan Wilkie Madison Drop
1/8/20 Todd Scott Sioux City Traded to Tri-City
1/8/20 Ryan Ouellette Tri-City Add
1/8/20 Joe Sharib Tri-City Traded to Muskegon
1/8/20 Caleb Price Lincoln Traded to Youngstown
1/8/20 Cody Sherman Tri-City Traded to Minot (NAHL)
1/6/20 Zach Faremouth Fargo Traded to Cedar Rapids
1/1/20 Felix Carenfelt Tri-City Injured Reserve
1/1/20 Chase McLane Tri-City Add from Injured Reserve
1/1/20 Noah Giesbrecht Muskegon Drop
12/31/19 Joseph Molenaar Cedar Rapids Injured Reserve
12/31/19 Shamil Shmakov Cedar Rapids Traded to Springfield (NAHL)
12/28/19 Joe Cassetti Waterloo Add
12/28/19 Colby Enns Lincoln Add
12/28/19 Chase Pilawski Lincoln Traded to Austin (NAHL)
12/27/19 Charlie Schoen Youngstown Add from Injured Reserve
12/23/19 Cooper Fensterstock Des Moines Injured Reserve
12/22/19 Jaden Grant Sioux City Add
12/22/19 Connor Androlewicz Sioux City Add
12/22/19 Arseni Smekhnov Youngstown Traded to Fargo
12/22/19 Colton Huard Fargo Traded to Chicago
12/22/19 Ryan Taylor Sioux City Traded to Cedar Rapids
12/22/19 Aidan Harper Sioux CIty Traded to Cedar Rapids
12/22/19 Robby Newton Cedar Rapids Traded to Sioux City
12/21/19 Joey Cipollone Tri-City Add
12/21/19 Trevor Smith Green Bay Add
12/21/19 Gleb Murtazin Green Bay Traded to Northeast (NAHL)
12/20/19 Connor McGinnis Sioux Falls Traded to Omaha
12/20/19 Jackson Decker Omaha Drop
12/14/19 Jacob Tortora Muskegon Add
12/12/19 Sebastian Miedema Sioux Falls Add
12/5/19 Anthony Mollica Lincoln Add
12/5/19 Blais Richartz Lincoln Injured Reserve
12/5/19 Garrett McKay Madison Drop
12/5/19 Kristof Papp Madison Traded to Des Moines
12/5/19 Patrick Schmiedlin Des Moines Traded to Madison
12/5/19 Christian Stoever Des Moines Traded to Madison
12/4/19 Tyler Coffey Sioux Falls Injured Reserve
12/4/19 John Druskinis Muskegon Add
12/3/19 David Gucciardi Muskegon Traded to Sioux City
11/28/19 Jaxson Ezman Madison Add
11/28/19 Lev Starikov Des Moines Drop
11/28/19 Zack Nazzarett Youngstown Drop
11/27/19 Robert McCollum Lincoln Add
11/27/19 Ignat Belov Cedar Rapids Traded to Sioux City
11/27/19 Eero Niemi Sioux City Drop
11/27/19 Gleb Murtazin Green Bay Add from Injured Reserve
11/27/19 Egor Arbuzov Green Bay Drop
11/27/19 Luke Mylymok Green Bay Drop
11/26/19 Jaxson Stauber Sioux Falls Add
11/26/19 Rhett Pitlick Omaha Traded to Muskegon
11/26/19 Dylan Davies Omaha Traded to Muskegon
11/26/19 Cameron Berg Omaha Traded to Muskegon
11/26/19 Harrison Roy Muskegon Traded to Des Moines
11/26/19 Tamirlan Gaitamirov Muskegon Traded to Des Moines
11/26/19 Nash Nienhuis Muskegon Traded to Omaa
11/26/19 Luke Mobley Muskegon Traded to Omaha
11/26/19 Grant Docter Des Moines Traded to Muskegon
11/26/19 Carson Briere Des Moines Drop
11/25/19 Joseph Molenaar Tri-City Traded to Cedar Rapids
11/22/19 Milan Cermak Tri-City Add
11/21/19 Will Dineen Omaha Traded to Sioux Falls
11/21/19 Thomas Lyons Sioux Falls Drop
11/20/19 Chris Konin Sioux Falls Drop
11/19/19 Cameron Boudreau Sioux Falls Add
11/19/19 Sam Duerr Sioux Falls Drop
11/19/19 Ewan McDevitt Muskegon Add
11/19/19 Eric Green Muskegon Add
11/19/19 Brendan Kennette Muskegon Drop
11/19/19 Carson Briere Des Moines Add
11/17/19 Evan Stella Dubuque Add
11/15/19 Georgi Merkulov Youngstown Add
11/15/19 Brendan Kennette Muskegon Add
11/15/19 Will Dineen Omaha Add from Injured Reserve
11/15/19 Lucas Feuk Omaha Drop
11/15/19 Sam Duerr Sioux Falls Add
11/15/19 Nick DeSantis Sioux Falls Drop
11/14/19 William Margel Madison Drop
11/14/19 Chris Konin Sioux Falls Add from Injured Reserve
11/14/19 Nick Anderson Sioux Falls Injured Reserve
11/14/19 Dylan Wendt Green Bay Traded to Muskegon
11/14/19 John Prokop Muskegon Traded to Green Bay
11/14/19 William Francis Cedar Rapids Injured Reserve
11/13/19 Manuel Alberg Des Moines Add
11/13/19 Garrett Worth Des Moines Drop
11/11/19 Sam Rhodes Tri-City Add
11/10/19 Lucas Feuk Omaha Add
11/10/19 Dane Montgomery Waterloo Injured Reserve
11/9/19 Cammack Byers Cedar Rapids Traded to Aberdeen (NAHL)
11/8/19 Austin Heidemann Sioux Falls Add from Injured Reserve
11/8/19 Filip Karlsson Tagtstrom Sioux Falls Drop
11/8/19 Jakub Dobes Omaha Add
11/8/19 Akira Schmid Omaha Injured Reserve
11/6/19 Zack Malik Muskegon Drop
11/6/19 Austin Crossley Fargo Add
11/6/19 Aaron Myers Fargo Traded to MN Wilderness (NAHL)
11/6/19 Erik Middendorf Omaha Traded to Chicago
11/5/19 Luke LaMaster Sioux City Add from Injured Reserve
11/5/19 Adam Samuelsson Sioux City Drop
11/4/19 Erik Middendorf Omaha Add
11/2/19 Chase Bradley Omaha Add from Injured Reserve
11/2/19 Blais Richartz Omaha Traded to Lincoln
11/1/19 Alex Gritz Youngstown Drop
11/1/19 Ross Mitton Lincoln Traded to Omaha
10/30/19 Tomas Mazura Omaha Add
10/30/19 Bryan Huggins Omaha Traded to Muskegon
10/30/19 Ryan Sorkin Muskegon Traded to Omaha
10/29/19 Jan Stibingr Des Moines Traded to Madison
10/29/19 Grant Docter Madison Traded to Des Moines
10/28/19 Hunter Carrick Omaha Traded to Madison
10/23/19 Jordan Strand Sioux City Traded to Wilkes Barre (NAHL)
10/23/19 Jordan Halverson Dubuque Drop
10/23/19 Jordan Halverson Dubuque Add from Injured Reserve
10/22/19 Jan Kern Des Moines Traded to Youngstown
10/19/19 Tamirlan Gaitamirov Muskegon Add
10/19/19 Jake Suede Youngstown Add from Injured Reserve
10/19/19 Connor Mylymok Youngstown Traded to Austin (NAHL)
10/19/19 Charlie Campbell Omaha Drop
10/17/19 Carter Randklev Fargo Add from Injured Reserve
10/17/19 Philip Tornqvist Fargo Drop
10/16/19 Nick Portz Tri-City Add
10/16/19 Chikara Hanzawa Tri-City Traded to MN Wilderness (NAHL)
10/15/19 Avery Sturtz Sioux City Traded to Maine (NAHL)
10/12/19 Reilly Herbst Chicago Drop
10/11/19 Alex Gritz Youngstown Add
10/10/19 Michael Ferrandino Tri-City Traded to Green Bay
10/10/19 Xan Gurney Green Bay Injured Reserve
10/10/19 Ben Schoen Youngstown Injured Reserve
10/9/19 Erik Cermak Muskegon Drop
10/6/19 Caleb Price Lincoln Add from Injured Reserve
10/6/19 Tamirlan Gaitamirov Lincoln Drop
10/5/19 Thomas Weis Madison Add
10/5/19 Chris Giorday Green Bay Drop
10/4/19 Nikolai Mayorov Cedar Rapids Add
10/4/19 Cole Kodsi Omaha Add
10/4/19 Cam Recchi Omaha Drop
10/4/19 Jordan Tonelli Cedar Rapids Injured Reserve
10/3/19 McLean Dorr Youngstown Traded to Topeka (NAHL)
10/2/19 Steven Agriogianis Omaha Drop
10/2/19 Cole Kodsi Madison Drop
9/29/19 Matvei Startsev Fargo Add
9/24/19 Zach Nazzarett Youngstown Add
9/24/19 James McIsaac Youngstown Drop
9/21/19 Caleb Price Lincoln Injured ReserveInjured Reserve
9/21/19 Gleb Murtazin Green Bay Injured Reserve
9/20/19 Chase Bradley Omaha Injured Reserve
9/20/19 Chris Konin Sioux Falls Injured Reserve
9/20/19 Jack Lagerstrom Tri-City Injured Reserve
9/19/19 Will Dineen Omaha Injured Reserve
9/19/19 Aaron Huglen Fargo Injured Reserve
9/18/19 Simon Mack Des Moines Injured Reserve
9/2/19 Chase McLane Tri-City Injured Reserve
9/1/19 James Durham Des Moines Injured Reserve