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USHL Suspensions and Transactions


Cade Lemmer Youngstown Head Contact TBD TBD
Nick Capone Tri-City Kneeing 2 Oct. 20
Brady Ziemer Green Bay Cross Check 1 Oct. 12
Ross Mitton Lincoln Head Contact 4 Oct. 19
Ryan Sorkin Muskegon Roughing 3 Oct. 18
Will Francis Cedar Rapids Kneeing 2 Oct. 18
Jordan Strand Sioux City Checking from Behind 1 Oct. 12
Ryan Robinson Des Moines Checking from Behind 1 Oct. 11
Branden Suter Madison Abuse of Officials 1 Oct. 11
Josh DeLuca Youngstown Checking from Behind 2 Oct. 13
David Gucciardi Muskegon Cross Checking 4 Oct. 18
Nikolai Jenson Youngstown Kneeing 2 Oct. 5
Ignat Belov Cedar Rapids Kneeing 1 Sept. 27
Connor Mylymok Youngstown Staged Fight 1 Sept. 27
Jan Kern Des Moines Head Contact 1 Sept. 29
Tyler Kleven USA High Sticking 1 Sept. 29


10/19/19 Tamirlan Gaitamirov Muskegon Add
10/19/19 Jake Suede Youngstown Add from Injured Reserve
10/19/19 Connor Mylymok Youngstown Traded to Austin (NAHL)
10/19/19 Charlie Campbell Omaha Drop
10/17/19 Carter Randklev Fargo Add from Injured Reserve
10/17/19 Philip Tornqvist Fargo Drop
10/16/19 Nick Portz Tri-City Add
10/16/19 Chikara Hanzawa Tri-City Traded to MN Wilderness (NAHL)
10/15/19 Avery Sturtz Sioux City Traded to Maine (NAHL)
10/12/19 Reilly Herbst Chicago Drop
10/11/19 Alex Gritz Youngstown Add
10/10/19 Michael Ferrandino Tri-City Traded to Green Bay
10/10/19 Xan Gurney Green Bay Injured Reserve
10/10/19 Ben Schoen Youngstown Injured Reserve
10/9/19 Erik Cermak Muskegon Drop
10/6/19 Caleb Price Lincoln Add from Injured Reserve
10/6/19 Tamirlan Gaitamirov Lincoln Drop
10/5/19 Thomas Weis Madison Add
10/5/19 Chris Giorday Green Bay Drop
10/4/19 Nikolai Mayorov Cedar Rapids Add
10/4/19 Cole Kodsi Omaha Add
10/4/19 Cam Recchi Omaha Drop
10/4/19 Jordan Tonelli Cedar Rapids Injured Reserve
10/3/19 McLean Dorr Youngstown Traded to Topeka (NAHL)
10/2/19 Steven Agriogianis Omaha Drop
10/2/19 Cole Kodsi Madison Drop
9/29/19 Matvei Startsev Fargo Add
9/24/19 Zach Nazzarett Youngstown Add
9/24/19 James McIsaac Youngstown Drop
9/21/19 Caleb Price Lincoln Injured ReserveInjured Reserve
9/21/19 Gleb Murtazin Green Bay Injured Reserve
9/20/19 Chase Bradley Omaha Injured Reserve
9/20/19 Chris Konin Sioux Falls Injured Reserve
9/20/19 Jack Lagerstrom Tri-City Injured Reserve
9/19/19 Will Dineen Omaha Injured Reserve
9/19/19 Aaron Huglen Fargo Injured Reserve
9/18/19 Simon Mack Des Moines Injured Reserve
9/2/19 Chase McLane Tri-City Injured Reserve
9/1/19 James Durham Des Moines Injured Reserve